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Coggin Copa Scoop Face Dichro

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Coggin Copa Scoop Face Dichro
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Lure Length: 13"
Trolling Position: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Short Rigger
Face Shape: Scoop/Jetted
Suggested Rigging: 11/0 DHCRL
Line Class: 50-130 lb.
Head Insert: Dichroic Glass
Head Material: Hard Resin
Manufacturer: Coggin Lures
Sku ITEM NAME Outer Skirt Inner Skirt Lure Length Trolling Position Face Shape Suggested Rigging Line Class Head Insert Head Material Qty
869019D Coggin Copa Scoop Face Dichro
13" Array Scoop/Jetted 11/0 DHCRL 50-130 lb. Dichroic Glass Hard Resin

Coggins Copa Scoop Face Dichro is a beautiful handcrafted lure featuring a scooped face and jets. The shape and jets enable this lure to swim and throw off smoke in its trail. Dichroic glass inserts and hand assembled brass jet inserts finish off these true works of art. If you don't store this lure in a display case, run it off the riggers or long corner.

*Click on the magnifying glass icon for skirt options.


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