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In 1994 Melton Tackle opened our first rod shop. It was a humble attempt to build rods that fisherman really wanted and needed. Tools to do a job. Our background was Heavy Tackle Chair and Stand-up fishing for Marlin and Tuna. Real fish that would test both equipment and angler. We traveled the world over to places like Australia, Madeira, Kona, Hi, Micronesia, Africa to name just a few, targeting big fish in all the worlds oceans.

At the time, nothing was available commercially that we felt was adequate to do the job so we started tinkering. We took blanks and guides from the best manufactures like Aftco, Stuart, Seeker, Calstar, KC Fisher, Fuji and Fin-Nor, to name a few. Legendary brands that developed modern fishing rods as we now know them. We had the guidance of Wade Cunningham, the founder of Seeker rods and Cousins Tackle and a few of his apprentices including Miguel Morelos, who has now been building your Melton Tackle rods for 21 years, the longest tenured employee we have. We knew what we wanted and with Wade’s knowledge of fishing rod blanks we began to build on the line.

Today, we have over 100 different models in our stock “Custom” Line. Every rod we build is hand assembled by our team. They are all build here locally in Southern California. We take pride in that and supporting the local rod building community. We offer fisherman the ability have their rods customized to their liking. From custom colors, boat names and intricate threadwork, we can do it all. If you are looking to get a custom rod or complete a boat outfit, give us a call at 1-800-372-3474, or send us a message. We would love to make your tackle dreams come true.