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Koya Tuna Bullets

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Koya Tuna Bullets
Koya Tuna Bullets Enlarged view of the Koya Tuna Bullet family, lure heads Koya Tuna Bullet - Pearl Evil Koya Tuna Bullet - Electric Bonito Koya Tuna Bullet - Melting Pot Koya Tuna Bullet - Flying Dorado Koya Tuna Bullet - Midnight Koya Tuna Bullet - Green Machine Koya Tuna Bullet - Flying Hawaiian Koya Tuna Bullet - Pink Evil Koya Tuna Bullet - Fly Fish with Wings Koya Tuna Bullet - Pinky Koya Tuna Bullet - Lumo Koya Tuna Bullet - World Record Koya Tuna Bullet - Electric Dorado Koya Tuna Bullet - Evil Koya Tuna Bullet - Pink Lady
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Lure Length: 8"
Trolling Position: Long Rigger, Short Rigger, Shotgun
Face Shape: Bullet
Suggested Rigging: 9/0 SHRL
Line Class: 30-130 lb.
Head Material: Hard Resin
Head Color: Pearl

Old school shapes and designs coupled with modern craftsmanship. Koya lures are a throw back to the old school, hand made lure maker's of old like Joe Yee, Henry Chee, and Chester Kita. It's not how many you can make, it's how well you can make them says, "Eric "Koya" Koyangi...I was taught to try to make the best lure I can make, one at a time. His lures are in use by the top pros in Kona and word is spreading...Koya Lures are for real. Custom, hand crafted lures, old school style. Hand polished and tuned. Koya 4.5 Bullets are the IDEAL dolphin, tuna and small billfish lure. Handcrafted with pride in Hawaii, these lures feature beautiful shell inserts are and hand made 100%.


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