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Abu Garcia

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Abu Garcia

Marlin Parker, creator of Marlin Magic Lures and skipper of the world famous Marlin Magic charter boat, has seen lure fishing for marlin become a way of life, inspired by tradition and considerable achievement. In the early days of lure trolling for billfish, if you wanted a lure with a specific action, you had to make it yourself. This became the inspiration for Marlin Parker who, began making trolling lures out of necessity. He was after quite simply "A lure that would consistently catch fish time and time again". In 1978, carrying on the family tradition, Marlin Parker captured what was at the time, the largest marlin ever weighed in Kailua-Kona, a 1257 lb. blue caught on one of his Marlin Magic Lures. Marlin has taken his knowledge of fishing and lure design and combined them with master craftsman Gary Eoff's skills to create truly unique shell lures. The result is not only an outstanding fishing lure, but a true work of art.