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Melton Tackle Stand Up Talica Combo - CTL 80130WO-Z4SC Stand-Up Rod - Talica TAC50II Reel

Melton Tackle Stand Up Talica Combo

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Max Drag at Strike: 53 lb.
Max Drag at Full: 60 lb.
Gear Ratio - Low: 1.7:1
Gear Ratio - High: 3.8:1
Line Retrieve Per Crank - Low: 20"
Line Retrieve Per Crank - High: 45"
Line Class: 80-130 lb.
Rod Length: 5'6"
Handle/Butt: Stuart Short Curved Butt #4
Weight: 164 oz.
Lb. Weight: 10.25 lb.
Manufacturer: Melton Tackle
Sku ITEM NAME Line Class Rod Length Handle/Butt Weight Lb. Weight Line/Crank Gear Ratio Max Drag Price
420764 Melton Tackle Stand Up Talica Combo - CTL 80130WO-Z4SC Stand-Up Rod - Talica TAC50II Reel 80-130 lb. 5'6" Stuart Short Curved Butt #4 164 oz. 10.25 lb. High: 45"
Low: 20"
High: 3.8:1
Low: 1.7:1
Full: 60 lb.
Strike: 53 lb.
  • 440/60, 340/80, 250/100 (yd/lb)
  • 1120/80, 945/100, 825/150 (yd/lb)
  • Maximum number of characters: 255

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We have paired our ultimate Melton Tackle Tuna Lifter composite graphite/glass rods with Shimano Talica II reels to create the ultimate stand up rod for battling monster tuna. These rods are hand crafted by our rod building specialists in our own facility with only the highest quality parts, such as wind-on guides from WT and AFTCO black and gold bent butts. Our tuna lifter rods are wrapped in our signature black and gold with metallic blue trim. These are the finest stand up rods, created from the culmination of our extensive knowledge of stand-up fishing and the stresses that it puts on the angler. These rods can take full advantage of the full power of the Shimano Talica TAC50II reel. If you want to fight big tuna and marlin with stand up gear, our combo is simply the best choice on the market.

Using highly modified, custom blanks, Melton Tackle was able to design a stand-up rod that would allow an angler to comfortably and safely apply drag pressures in excess of 50+ lb. for extended periods of time. This is the kind of pressure needed to land Tuna that weigh in excess of 1000 lb! One of the unique features of this rod is it's length. Usually with longer rods with a faster taper, they put too much pressure on the angler and start to become an advantage for the fish. Melton Tackle was able to modify the blank used in this rod to achieve a slower taper and a solid lock-up mid section creating a rod that not only is easy on the angler, it's hell on the fish!

The Shimano Talica TAC50II Reel is a Power Beast to the Next Level! It has a powerful max drag of 60 lb. with a Freespool, West Coast Rail Standing Special, Castable Design. The Talica is the pinnacle of the small lever drag 2-Speed market. Designed from the ground up to be an excellent casting reel with an ultra-smooth and powerful drag system to handle long battles. These reels were purpose built to take advantage of modern braided lines such as Power Pro Hollow Ace and shorter fluorocarbon leaders.

Shimano Talica II 50 Specs and Features

  • Compact, High Speed
  • Castable Leverdrag with High Capacity E.I. Surface Treatment for extreme corrosion protection
  • One-Piece, Forged and Machined Aluminum Frame with E.I. Machined Aluminum Handle-Side
  • Forged Sideplate with E.I. Forged, Machined Aluminum Spool with E.I. 2-Speed HEG (High Efficiency Gearing)
  • 6 S A-RB (Shielded A-RB Bearings)
  • Lightweight Spool with Support Bearings for excellent Freespool
  • Removable Harness Lugs
  • Topless Design
  • Oversized Carbon Drag Washer for Ultra-High Drag Pressures
  • Waterproof Drag (when engaged)
  • Silent Triple-Pawl Anti-Reverse
  • Ergonomic Power Handle
  • Ratcheting Drag Lever Preset Knob with Click Clicker
  • Aluminum Rod Clamp Approved for use in Saltwater Rated for use with Hollow-Ace, PowerPro and Mono lines.