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Nekton Z-Wing

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Nekton Z-Wing
Nekton Z-Wing - 150 - Black Nekton Z-Wing - 350 - Black Nekton Z-Wing - 150 - Yellow Nekton Z-Wing - 350 - Yellow
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Details: (Formerly Z-Wing 500), (Formerly Z-Wing 250)
Description: High Speed, All Speeds
Nekton Z-Wing 150
Sku ITEM NAME Details Description color_2 Price Qty
615500 Nekton Z-Wing - 150 - Black (Formerly Z-Wing 500) High Speed
615501 Nekton Z-Wing - 150 - Yellow (Formerly Z-Wing 500) High Speed
Nekton Z-Wing 350
Sku ITEM NAME Details Description color_2 Price Qty
615250 Nekton Z-Wing - 350 - Black (Formerly Z-Wing 250) All Speeds
615502 Nekton Z-Wing - 350 - Yellow (Formerly Z-Wing 250) High Speed

Nekton Z-Wings ARE BACK! Nekton's Z-Wings have taken the art of downrigging a giant step into the future. The benefits of their sleek, lightweight profile are obvious even before you drop one in the water. Once in the water, the Z-Wing out performs, cutting silently through the depths. You'll see the results, catching fish after fish!

The lightweight alternative to lead ball downriggers. Having the ability to troll lures and baits over a wide range of speeds without complicated adjustments to the length of the tow cable has been the dream of downrigger anglers and captains for many years. Now the Z-WING downrigger system has made this dream come true!


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