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Shimano Butterfly Jigs

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Shimano Butterfly Jigs
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Manufacturer: Shimano
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663166 Shimano Butterfly Jigs - Regular - 5.5" - Weight 160g/5 5/8 oz. - Aji/Silver

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Now: $16.88

The Shimano Butterfly Jig lets you feel every movement while retrieving the lure. The bite is like electricity flowing through the rod, with every movement of the fish being exaggerated because of the sensitivity of the tackle. It takes you to a completely different level of awareness versus the regular tackle we are used to fishing, giving the angler a heightened sense of the true power of a fighting fish. The Shimano Butterfly Jigging System utilizes tackle that is extremely manageable and lets you fight the fish more effectively rather than fighting the tackle. This is as close as you can get to hand to hand combat with a fish and definitely gives you the advantage.

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