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Woody Wax Ultra Pine Boat Soap

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Woody Wax Ultra Pine Boat Soap
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Alternative Name: Woody Wax Pine Boat Soap
Manufacturer: Woody Wax
Sku ITEM NAME Alternative Name weight_2 Price Qty
100009 Woody Wax Pine Boat Soap - 32 oz. Woody Wax Pine Boat Soap
100010 Woody Wax Pine Boat Soap - 128 oz. Woody Wax Pine Boat Soap

This non-alkaline, non-wax stripping boat soap is specifically designed for Woody Wax products. It will not strip your wax, and also leaves a wax finish behind which helps with water beading and a clean and easy rinse. Brought about because of problems with other boat soaps having high alkalinity that strips off your boat wax over several washings. Woody Wax is a micro-sheet of wax to begin with so using a high alkalinity soap will remove it in just a few washes. We have produced a highly concentrated pine gel that does a great job of cleaning and removing salt deposits along with an anti-bacterial additive that kills mold spores on contact. This fresh and clean smelling soap is safe for all parts of your boat. For pre-waxing cleaning try mixing 1 oz. ultra pine and 4 oz. Bleach with 3-4 gallons of water. Ultra Pine Boat Soap is safe to use with all Woody Wax products. Specially formulated not to remove waxes and leaves a wax finish. Anti-Bacterial additive kills mold spores and odors on contact. Removes salt deposits easily and rinses without streaking or spotting. Safe for all surfaces; non-alkaline.


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